Friday, April 9, 2010

Maximising Existing Land Use in Agriculture Area

In Singapore, only five percent of the food consumed is grown domestically; the rest is imported from other countries. Aeroponics and aquaponics are two types of systems used by growers in Singapore to produce food.Now new growers are looking to grow more produce with hydroponics in Singapore.

Agriculture activites take place mainly in the rural areas. By improving farming method, we can maximise existing landuse in agriculture area.

Some of the farming methods include:

1) Terracing- farming on steps out into hillsides.
Advantages are:

  • Increase the area of arable land.
  • Reduce soil erosion and nutrients are retained.
  • Retain water and can be absorbed by crops.
  • Modern machinery can be used on flat stripes created.

    2) Soil-less farming- crops are grown without land or soil, for example hydroponics and aeroponics.
    Advantage is:
  • Less land is needed but the supply of food is not affected.

    3) Irrigation- transporting of water to farms through artificial means.
    Advantage is:
  • Irrigation can also increase yields in exisiting farmlands by lengthening the growing seasons.

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